Are You Too Busy To Manage Your Social Media Presence?

I have been running the Social Media Campaigns for a lady up in Canada for about five years now. She is a lawyer/linguist, and very successful. On the one hand she practices law, and on the other  she offers webinars on a regular basis for translators and interpreters, where she teaches legal terminology in English, Spanish and French.

She simply doesn't have the time to log continuously into her social media accounts and post her updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, she is smart enough to realize that her social media presence is a 'must' - that's why she hired me.

I'm telling you this because you might be in a similar situation - strapped for time but not willing to ignore the huge potential social media represent for you and your business.

If you are interested in exploring  the possibility of hiring me, please send me a mail to xalapa88@gmail.com , and tell me a little bit about yourself and your business.  I would then ask you for an initial conference over Skype where we can get to know each other.
Update 02-February-2017
By now I have taken on a couple of more clients. What usually happens is that we start off working on their Twitter accounts and then take it from there.


  1. This sounds very interesting. I'm impressed with your language skills as well. My wife is German (grew up there in the 80's) and I'm American (1 language). Followed you here through Twitter.

  2. It's way too important to ignore, good move that she hired you.

  3. Cool, might use your expertise in a bit with some of my twitter stuff. -Andy

  4. Hey George, I'd be interested in a chat about how you might help me to significantly increase my social media following.
    I'm an author and have just opened a new website (to replace an old blog)
    You can see what I'm up to here. www.paulclaireaux.com
    But in a nutshell this is about education to help people understand their money and make better decisions about it.

    Hope to talk soon although not now as it's midnight in the UK!



    1. Please look me up on Skype, you find me at georg.grey1

  5. I was telling a friend how I wanted to create a live website where people can chat with me, get advice and just talk about whatever problem they have about life in general. Reading your blog just now has made me decide to pursue mine as well and am grateful for that.