19 Sacrifices Every Cat Owner Makes

source: RandomEnthusiasm

Never being able to wear short sleeves ever again

Sacrificing your sanity when you create an elaborate costume for your cat.

Having any wall space that won't be immediately colonized by your cat.

Giving up a large chunk of your home to your cat's litter box, so they get the privacy they DEMAND.

And again when you make them an Instagram account.

Ever having a nice, quiet, disruption-free dinner again.

Losing your seat every time you get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen or anywhere really.

 Getting a full night's sleep.

Having enough money for your own food after buying your cat's.

Letting your cat's exercise equipment take over your living room.

Constantly feeling cat hairs on your face and never really being clean because of that.

Having any bathroom privacy.

Being able to use your computer for more than five minutes.

Spending half your paycheck on toys that go unused.

Or leave drinks unattended.

So many hours spent build entertaining, yet completely unnecessary, furniture for your cat.

Being able to invest in nice furniture.

Or anything black for that matter.

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