Where is the dog asylum?

source: Viralands

20 examples of dogs that urgently need psychological intervention!

An attempt to turn ones self into a hot dog on the stove should not be ignored.

Up there with the birds and kites; feeling super cool!

A dog doing pony rides is obviously dogged by mental issues!

Its either the dog or the person who taught her how to sit. But there is definitely a problem here.

This is only acceptable if your dog is a professional contortionist!

Crazy napping styles are often caused by being crazy!

Getting into traps can also be a sign to be worried about.

Estimating spaces requires full cognitive functions, so.... this guy is obviously not doing too good.

Dog dancing while making faces should be reported immediately!

Do we really need to talk about this one?

Unless a dog is doing push ups... there is clearly reason for concern

Head butting walls??? If you need more proof then the problem might be contagious!

Fear of decorations is among the top symptoms.

Self muzzling is also another sign to worry about.

Your dog dons a mask and you still think they are ok?

If your dog makes such a face, they are clearly unstable!

Hallucinations are manifested by thinking that they are smaller than they actually are.

Back stroke greetings are definitely not a good sign.

Remember to look out for antisocial behavior.

Tell me this dog is not high on something!

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