Are you thinking of writing and publishing a book?

Chances are, yes you are. I can say that because most of my blog readers come from Twitter, and Twitter is really the perfect tool for aspiring or published writers.

I have published my first eBook, 'Make Twitter Work For You'. For a free copy drop me a mail at xalapa88@gmail.com  

The thing is, I didn't have the faintest idea on how to write and publish a book.

But this is the Internet, and I looked for help. I looked for somebody who could teach me how to write and then publish what I have written.

And I found Jim Edwards. He's been publishing eBooks since 1998, and he definitely knows his way around the block.

I bought HIS eBook How To Write Your Own eBook in 7 Days , and it definitely did the trick.

He taught me literally from scratch how to approach this whole thing.

He told me the difference between a 'How-To' book and fiction. I learned where and how to research my subject, and he gave me innumerable tips and tricks on how to fight procrastination and get this thing done.

He elaborates extensively on the technical aspects on how to publish it, be it as a .pdf file or on Kindle. (.pdf files are better for 'How-To' books, whereas Kindle should be your choice when you publish a novel).

Check him out here, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Am touched!, pray with your testimony i would be able to conquer spirit of procrastination. Good job Sir.