My Rich Woman

It's winter 1987/88, and I'm living with my first (English) wife in Greece. In February I get a telegram (those were the days) from Germany, my father had fallen ill with lung cancer. So I go back to Germany while my wife stays in Greece.

I was brought up in the Ruhrvalley, an industrial area relatively close to the Belgium border. So you wouldn't expect any tourists there. However, on the day I arrived I went with a good friend to a pub. We sat down at the bar, and a couple of minutes later this English lady from London sits down right next to me.

We obviously start to chat, and after about 5 minutes she suddenly says "I've got to read your cards!"

She gets a pack of cards from the bartender, does some things with them, and then says: "There is somebody seriously ill in your family, and I see you marrying a rich woman."

Remember, I had just met her, so she couldn't possibly know about my father. And I told her that I was already married. She simply insisted that this was what the cards told her.

Little did I know at the time that my wife was getting ready to leave me, so a couple of weeks later I was single again. Still shell-shocked, I start to hitchhike through Europe.

I arrive in Vienna one early morning in May. I book into a youth hostel, it's six o'clock in the morning, and this guy from Jugoslavia starts a conversation with me.

After a couple of minutes he says "I've got to read your horoscope!" He simple needed my date of birth, did some calculations, then said: "There is somebody seriously ill in your family, and I see you marrying a rich woman."

So ladies, it's friggin' 2015, and I'm beginning to get old.....



  1. Thanks for the great story and the Friday morning chuckle, George!

  2. Not me. Still looking for my rich man, LOL :D

  3. You're gorgeous.. What a shame it has to be a woman. Hope you find her