The Twitter Workshop

Those with an eye for business have a pretty stacked deck of social media accounts, with Twitter right on the top of the pack. If you are not using Twitter, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. As of the moment, Twitter is still the best place to get shares, interactions from real people who can become your customers or partners. As a matter of fact even if you don’t use other social media networks, you will be able to gain the traffic that you need for your site just by utilizing Twitter the right way.

A lot of us have tried to get on top of our Twitter game. We have tried every trick in the book, most having come from the gods of Twitter who will tell you, with that virtual reassuring gesture, how to get more followers, more exposure, etc. They say that you can automate with direct messages and just following a bunch of people regardless of their interests. While this may have worked in the past, it’s no longer 2012 and you need a new strategy to actually be heard and stand out from the spam crowd.

Human interaction does not exactly work in an automated way, and doing this kind of process will not get you the right followers. That is the one thing that most people seem to have forgotten along the way, and what Twitter Workshop explores. The strategies within Twitter Workshop are not focused on getting you millions of minions on Twitter and getting empty traffic, which, in the end, do not actually matter.

The fine line of “followers” and “a following” gets called out as you learn the trade within the Workshop, where your inter-relationships with those who follow your work are what will be developed. This is the type of leverage that will actually get you ahead of the pack.

By getting how Twitter works and relating that to actually meaningful interactions, others are drawn to you, and your exposure, leads, traffic and therefore business, will grow. Twitter Workshop strategies are as natural and organic as it gets, because it does not work with numbers as much as it works with the actual people involved, as is the basic purpose of “social” media.

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