Payoneer: Innovative Payment Solutions for a Borderless World

I'm using the Payoneer Debit Card myself, and it works just as promised. Particularly with me living in Mexico I'm always looking for alternatives on how to get paid by my clients.

Paypal works fine. However, it takes them up to 5 business days to transfer my money to my  local bank account. With Payoneer the funds are immediately available to me.

Now I ask my clients to transfer my fees to my Payoneer debit card, and withdraw my money at any time from a local ATM machine.

Receive & Withdraw Funds

Are you a professional or small business looking to get paid by international companies and marketplaces?

  • Receive funds from thousands of companies worldwide
  • Spend online, in-store and withdraw at ATMs with the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card
  • Send Mass Payouts

    Are you an enterprise or online marketplace looking to transfer money to your beneficiaries internationally?

  • Send payouts to more than 200 countries, in over 100 currencies
  • Multiple payout solutions including prepaid MasterCard® Cards and global bank transfers
  • Regulated entity in the US & EU, licensed to remit funds globally
  • Withdraw funds to your local bank account, in your local currency

I just luv' it, get yours here

After you receive your first U$ 100.00 in payments you get a U$ 25.00 sign-up bonus.

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