Very effective technique to make you feel better

The basics: Our quality of life is in my humble opinion not determined by what we have nor by what we are. It is determined by how we feel on a consistent basis. If I’m poor economically, but still feel good about myself and my family, the financial conondrums really go into the back of my mind, they make me feel bad on a far less important level. . 

If I have a health problem, let’s say diabetes, but still feel good about the quality of my work, that makes me feel a lot better because I’m focusing on the positive aspects of my life.

And that’s the crunch point, because what we focus on on a consistent level, what we think about, in turn determines how we feel.

So if I permanently focus on the negative aspects of my life it has become clear now that that would make me feel lousy.

How to focus on the positive aspects of your life?

I’ve set up a list where I write down whenever something I am grateful for pops up in my head, whenever I think something positive. 

And working on that list makes my mind automatically search for the nuggets in my life. And it’s surprising how many there are.

And it’s fun. Whenever my emotional body decides to look at the bleak sides of life, I simply counter it by looking at my list. 

Try it out, it works.

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  1. Just look to your soul for comfort. Everything as we know it is temporary.