Nature doesn't care whether we are happy

A lot has been said and written about the fact that we hardly ever live in the present - in fact, whole religions have been based on in. Most of us tend to either regret things from the past, or worry about the future. Now if that sounds too negative to you, let's reword it: Most of us either indulge in happy memories or are eagerly anticipating the future.

Take your pick. Either way, it's the present moment that mostly eludes us, and I for one am at a stage in my life where I find the situation outright absurd. Why does the future take up so much of my time and (mental) energy, when I know by now through experience that most of my projections will never come true? Mark Twain once said that he had been through some terrible things in his life, some of which actually happened!

And the whole subject seems to be interwoven with questions of spirituality - live the 'here and now', that's all there is to it. That's how you are going to experience God.......

Lately I`ve come to understand something fundamental about the whole subject. It's all connected with a simple trick evolution played on the human race in order for it to survive.

See, cavemen started to remember unpleasant events. They remembered another member of their tribe who went into certain parts of the woods, and never came back since the wolves feasted on him. They remembered their sister-in-law who suddenly fell ill and died. She had eaten that funny  looking meat.

And they went beyond what animals did. They started to think about how to get to the wolves first, before they got to them. They started to scheme, to imagine, to project the future. And that's how homo sapiens survived.

So there is a pretty straightforward, natural reason, based on evolution, why we are how we are, why we keep missing that precious 'now', why Nirvana keeps eluding us.

And nature doesn't care whether we are happy. For nature, as long as the human race persists, it has done its job.

I guess the rest is up to each of us........


  1. "The Present is all lit up with eternal rays." C. S. Lewis
    It's interesting how so much of our ancient survival mechanisms can work against us in the modern world.

  2. This eco-system called earth can survive without humans. Nature wins.