If everybody loves you, something is wrong

Love, recognition, admiration – heaven-sent emotions! 

Mark Twain once said that he could live three weeks on a nice compliment. And yes, it can make your day, at least. I took on a student back in November, and we’ve been working three times a week ever since. Last week he asked me for my secret. He said I was looking younger and younger as the weeks go by! When he first met me, he said, I looked like an old man, and now….! And he actually meant it, he is not the type of guy who flatters people……

‘Walking on clouds’ took on a new meaning for me instantly, believe you me....

I mentioned in an earlier post our addiction to emotions. Same here, it would obviously be nice to feel constantly loved or at least liked.

However, that’s not the way things go. But it does explain the impulse for constantly trying to please people, always with the expectation of a pay-back.

That pay-back doesn’t come, ever. In order for people to like you, they have to respect you first. And nobody respects a person who always agrees, who always is ‘on the same wave-length’, who always thinks and believes what the other thinks and believes.

Love can’t stand on its own – it needs a strong foundation of respect on which to grow.

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