Technique To Improve Spanish Listening Comprehension

Let’s assume you are toying with the idea of spending your retirement in Mexico, or you are planning to spend a summer semester at a Madrid university.

It is down the road. However, you are getting ready and have enrolled in a Spanish language course.

Look up a radio station, either on your computer or your old fashioned radio, that’s suited to your needs, i.e. a station from the country you are going to spend time in.

It obviously shouldn’t be an all music radio station, that would defeat the purpose. If you are interested in current events, find one that broadcasts local and international news regularly. Or find a culture channel if you are into books, theater, etc.

Have the station running, in the background, whenever you are cooking, browsing the web, having a hot bath, you name it.

There’s no need for you to constantly pay attention. Here quantity goes over quality. Let Spanish phrases and vocabulary shower into your brain, pick up the dúctus (melody) of the language. If  there is a song, try to sing along.

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