Teacher Jobs Abroad

The way I see it, being a teacher is not only a profession, but a vocation. All professions I consider a vocation, like that of a musician to name just another example, involve activities that are based on an inherent talent of the person. Sure, there are thousands of teachers who took up that profession simply because it was convenient to do so, or it was the closest the person could think of as a profession, or maybe dad was a teacher, you name it. They are the reasons why most people choose any job, any profession.

I’m sure that when you think back to your childhood and school years you will remember ONE teacher who had a tremendous influence over you. And I’m equally sure that that particular teacher was born with the specific talent to instruct and form other people, be they children, adolescents or adults.

As a teacher you might acquire new experiences by working abroad. You might be interested in working for a couple of years in Asia, for example. Imagine the wealth of experience and knowledge you would come back with to your home country! You would yourself grow as a person, immerse yourself in another culture, and get to know new religions, customs, develop new paradigms. You would literally broaden your mind, learn yourself. And as a good teacher you know that the learning process never ends, that even as an adult we have to continuously work on ourselves, expand our horizon.

There are a lot of perks involved when working for a serious school or institution abroad. In many cases you get paid less than you would earn at home, particularly if you are from the US or Europe. However, you have to take into consideration the cost of living in that particular country. In dollar/Euro terms you might be earning less, but when you do the math and see how much less it costs you to live there, you might actually be earning a lot more. And many times you earn a comfortable tax-free salary. Very often the school you work for provides you with spacious housing where your employer pays the bills. And there are those schools that provide you with a company car.

As far as the actual work is concerned, more often than not you work with small class sizes, which make your job obviously far more pleasant. You’re able to connect or bond with your students, get them to know in more detail and therefore are able to focus on his or her particular strength or weaknesses. That obviously has a great impact on your job and makes it far more rewarding.

There are for example a lot of primary teacher jobs available in India. All throughout India teaching is considered a respected profession, and, depending on where you live and teach, you know that that is not the case in all countries. New Delhi has numerous renowned educational institutions, but not only that. As in most capitals of the world there are a lot of multinational companies that are actively hiring foreign teachers to either teach their staff English or work with the families of said staff. Particularly India with its booming economy should be a place to check out carefully when looking and applying for teaching jobs abroad – the potential is just tremendous.

Or imagine working in London! You could land a job in a private primary school, working with pupils from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Would that make you a better teacher over time? You bet. And apart from you fine-tuning your skills as a teacher, you’d work from Monday to Friday and on the weekends you could go and explore Europe. The possibilities are endless.

There are a lot of teacher agencies online and off-line that can assist you when looking for a teacher position abroad. They usually help you pick the right country, and they have a list of available vacancies. Good Luck!

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