I Don't Like Surprises

Really, I don't. I like my routine. I like it when things turn out the way I expect them to turn out. I'm in love with all the people who behave exactly as I expect them to behave. It simply gives me a feeling of security in a complex and, more often than not, complicated world. This attitude sure sets me up for the inevitable disappointment, but I accept that trade-off.

However, I'm a total sucker for surprises when it comes to books, be they novels or, my other favorites, books about personal development. I've read probably most of the important ones or listened to their audio courses ( to mind come Steven Covey and Anthony Robins).  But there comes a point of saturation where it's simply difficult to come across a new paradigm.

I'm glad to say I just had a very pleasant surprise. My friend Brian King asked me to review his presentation of 'Succeed in Business Through Mindful Communication', and I'm truly a richer person now. 

In this presentation he presents you with top-notch strategies on how to genuinely connect with other people, be they clients, colleagues, your spouse or your kids. A lot of what he has to say you've probably read or heard before, but there are some genuine gems that have the power to change your life.

You see, and I'm quoting directly here from his presentation, "you want to attract the people you want and need into your life instead of having to settle for whoever shows up."

What a concept, thank you, Brian!

Brian R. King, LCSW is a Business Relationship Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, 26-year cancer survivor, Adult with ADHD and Dyslexia. He is known worldwide for his books and highly engaging presentations that teach the power of connection and collaboration. His strategies empower others to overcome their differences so they can build powerful and lasting partnerships. His motto is: We’re all in this together.


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