Animals That Are Shockingly Colorful

source: Ghat

Polish Pigeon

Metallic Green Bee/wasp

White Lion

Nicobar Pigeon

Rainbow Cricket

Hallowen Crab

Cuckoo Wasp

The Regal Ring-neck Snake

Blue Grasshoper

Green Leaf Looking Bug

Moth Caterpillar

Deilephila Elpenor

Mantis Shrimp

“cobalt Blue” Tarantula

Rosy Maple Moth

Pink Katydid

Red Velvet Ant

Red Slug

Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

Pink Grasshopper

Blue Lobster

Albino Crow

Indian Bull Frog

Purple Crab

Blue And Green Parakeet

Purple Snail

Pink Dophin

Blue Carpenter Bee

Pink Robin

Albino Squirrel

White Peacock

Pink Orchid Mantis

Northern Cardinal

Chimeric Lobster

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