Meet "Mexican Eskimo" author, Anker Frankoni

Earlier this year I was introduced to the new work of California-based writer, Anker Frankoni. Book one in his "Mexican Eskimo" trilogy is now available in print, Kindle, and Audiobook formats, and although the first release is self-published, the author single-handedly assembled a team of editors, artists, designers, and recording engineers to produce the kind of top-notch work that one would normally expect only of a much larger Indie-publishing imprint. Since securing a contract with book distributor PartnersWest in October, Anker has gotten print copies of "Mexican Eskimo Book 1: Exmikan" placed at dozens of highly respected bookshops across the United States, including locations such as City Lights in San Francisco, Iowa City's Prairie Lights, and three of the most famous Feminist bookstores in the country: Charis Books in Atlanta, Georgia, New York City's Bluestockings, and In Other Words, whose appearances in the hit show Portlandia have put into a category all its own!

So.... What the heck does "Mexican Eskimo" have to do with Feminism?? Beneath its wolf-skin facade of genre-bending magical realism, theoretical constructs of dream-travel and reincarnation, and a strong overlayer of liberal humanitarian politics, ultimately, "Mexican Eskimo" is a story about women, told by a man raised by one that should have been treated much better than she was. Best described as a trip through the dark which ends up in the light, it's a journey through time and the human condition, with a complex back-story featuring generations of unique characters (both human and otherwise) thrust together by fate and circumstance.

Anker says that when he first began stringing the words together, he didn't know he was writing a book. It began as notes he kept as a way of helping to process his mother's suicide, and his place in the complex family histories that led up to it. What resulted is something much bigger than an aid to understanding his own life, and Amazon reviews posted by readers indicate that Frankoni's story has done the same for many of them.

When asked what gives him the energy for such an ambitious publishing project as a sideline to his existing work obligations, and parenting of three school-aged children, Frankoni replies that perhaps the will comes not so much from "what" he has written between the pages of "Mexican Eskimo," but "why" the book had him write it! He says that his story is "literary fiction with a real-world mission," and that 10% of all the money he generates from sales in the trilogy will be donated to non-profit groups working to help stop child-abuse. So far Anker has succeeded in raising just over half of his first-year goal of a thousand dollars, and has high hopes of hitting the target now that copies are on the shelves in so many bookstores at the start of the holiday shopping / reading season.

Of course, getting "Mexican Eskimo" into bookstores is just part of the author's job. The next element of Frankoni's challenge is generating interest in his story once it's there. That's why he is asking for our help right now, because even in today's super-connected world of TwittFaceGramVineTube communications, when it comes to book recommendations, nothing beats a good-old fashioned tip from a real-live friend!

To make it easier for you to decide if you would like to recommend his book to your friends, Anker Frankoni is offering free shipping on the remaining first-edition copies of "Mexican Eskimo Book 1: Exmikan" from his Etsy bookstore through the end of December. Each book from the original print-run is signed, stamped and numbered (xxx of 1,000 — he's delivering copies in the high 600's this week), and all you need to do is enter coupon code MKOXSHIP1214 at checkout for free shipping anywhere in the world from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MexicanEskimo

Frankoni is currently at work on the second volume in the project: "Mexican Eskimo Book 2: Octopus Asylum." I'm watching this promising new author with intense interest! To keep track of Anker's progress, add your email address to the box marked 'Subscribe for Updates' at www.MexicanEskimo.com, which will also enter you in his next drawing for free books and other prizes, and send you instructions on how to get a free download code for the 9-hour unabridged audiobook from Audible!

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