Trivia Chest 14

#trivia  Brenda Lee was only 13 when she recorded “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

#trivia  The glue used on Israeli postage stamps is kosher.

#trivia  Cheddar cheese that has been ripened for six months is considered “mild.” Seven months to a year of ripening makes “sharp” cheddar, and two years worth of aging yields an “extra sharp” product.

#trivia  In Monaco, citizens aren't taxed on their incomes. However, there is a 19.6% “value-added tax” placed on most consumer purchases.

#trivia  The small "You Are Here" sticker that indicates your position on a map has a name — it's called an ideo locator.

#trivia How can you tell snail tracks from slug tracks? While your typical garden slug leaves a continuous trail of slime in its wake, snails leaves more of a dotted line, since they move forward in an up-and-down fashion, kind of like an inchworm.

#trivia The natural gas used in many homes to run furnaces, stoves, and other appliances is actually odorless. Gas companies add an odorant that smells like spoiled meat so the human nose is able to detect that scent at a very minute concentration.

#trivia Chewing gum does burn off calories, but it would take two weeks of continuous chewing to burn off the equivalent of one pound of fat.

#trivia When cranberries are ripe, they bounce like a rubber ball.

#trivia Yahoo! is an acronym for "Yet Another Hiearchical Officious Oracle." David Filo and Jerry Yang were in a trailer in Palo Alto, Calif., thinking of a name for their hobby!

#trivia  A 1975 slang dictionary defines "gay-cat" as a hobo not wise to the ways of hobo life, and considered unacceptable by his fellows.

#trivia The first man to appear on the cover of Playboy was the actor Peter Sellers.

#trivia The first Native Americans to help the Pilgrims, named Samoset and Tisquantum ("Squanto"), could both speak English even before having met the settlers.

#trivia Schizophrenia used to be treated by kidney dialysis.

#trivia While its popularity in America is fairly recent, margarine dates back to 1860s France, when Emperor Louis Napoleon III offered a prize to anyone who could design a cheap butter substitute.

#trivia  Bridgestone Corporation, maker of Bridgestone tires, is a Japanese company. The name is derived from founder Shojiro Ishibashi's last name, which translates literally to "stone bridge."

#trivia  President James Garfield could write Greek with one hand while simultaneously writing Latin with the other.

#trivia  Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew.

#trivia  Richard Hollingshead of Camden, N.J., built the first drive-in theater in his driveway. The theater consisted of a sheet strung between two trees and a movie projector mounted to the hood of his car. The setup was reportedly inspired by his mother: she was a large woman who was uncomfortable in the seats at regular movie theaters.

#trivia  Whether you call it “pop” or “soda,” the first diet version commercially available was No-Cal, a sugar-free ginger ale introduced in 1952 by the Kirsch Beverage Company.

#trivia  In the 1950s The Adventures of Superman television series, the characters Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen always wore the same clothes so that several episodes could be filmed at once, and that some scenes could be used in several episodes without anyone noticing.

#trivia  In the classic movie-musical The Wizard of Oz, the many-hued Horse of a Different Color that leads Dorothy and gang through the Emerald City could not actually be painted. Instead, animal rights activists advocated that the white horse be sponged with different flavors (and colors) of gelatin and then physically restrained from licking it off.

#trivia  When Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, the 110°F temperatures melted the asphalt on Main Street and caused many high-heeled shoes to become stuck in the pavement.

#trivia  Taco Bell is named for its founder, Glen Bell.

#trivia  In 2009, researchers at Newcastle University’s Centre for Life said that eating a bacon sandwich can help cure a hangover.

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