10 Cute Puppies

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If you love dogs you're going to feel real fluffy after having seen these pics......


Trivia Chest 16

#trivia  When you pick up a common pine cone, you'd be correct to refer to it as "she," since these brown, seeded cones are all female.

#trivia  Whiskey is clear when it is first distilled. It gets it's color and much of it's taste from the oak barrels in which it is aged.

#trivia  The ostrich doesn't stick its head underground to hide from predators. It bends its neck down low and flattens its head against the ground.

#trivia  Before hitting the big time, Billy Joel played the organ in a TV ad for Bachman's Pretzels that featured Chubby Checker singing "The Twist."

#trivia  Before antibiotics, patients with syphilis were sometimes purposefully infected with malaria. This was because the bacteria that causes syphilis doesn't fare well at higher temperatures (a blistering fever is a side effect of malaria).

#trivia The area where Washington, D.C., now stands was originally a mosquito-infested swamp. It took years to drain and clear the land before our nation's government was moved to the city in 1800.

#trivia Though his face graces the 20 dollar bill, Andrew Jackson despised paper money and favored a monetary system centered on gold and silver.

#trivia  Before Gmail, “G-Mail” was the name of a free email service offered by Garfield’s website.

#trivia  King James IV of Scotland was an amateur dentist. He even paid people to let him practice on their teeth!

#trivia  Both Madonna and Celine Dion are cousins of Prince Charles' wife, Camilla.

#trivia  New Mexico State’s first graduating class in 1893 had only one student— and he was shot and killed before graduation.

#trivia  In 1944, as a WWII war correspondent, Ernest Hemingway led Free French resistance fighters in the defense of the town of Rambouillet, an act for which he was almost tried under the Geneva Conventions.

#trivia  In early 1900s America, “jay” was a slang term used to describe a na├»ve or foolish person. Thus, when such a pedestrian decided to ignore traffic signals and street signs, he or she was referred to as a “jaywalker.”

#trivia  The number "five" is important to the Pentagon in many ways. Sure, it has five sides, but the building also has five stories, and the courtyard in the center encompasses an area of five acres.

#trivia  The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the oldest continuously occupied public (and municipal) building in the United States. It was built in 1610.

#trivia  People didn't always say "hello" when they answered the phone. When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, people said "ahoy."

#trivia  William Wrigley originally started in the baking powder business. With his powder, he gave a free pack of his gum. He later abandoned the baking powder business when he learned that people were buying it just to get the gum.

#trivia  When Union soldiers cut off supply deliveries to the Confederacy during the Civil War, the South was not able to get paper from Northern paper mills. So, Confederate papers were printed on the back of wallpaper peeled off of parlor walls.

#trivia  Plastic bags take up less landfill space than paper bags. According to one study, two plastic bags take up 72% less landfill space than one paper bag.

#trivia  Robert Lincoln, son of President Lincoln, was saved from a nasty railroad accident by Edwin Booth. Edwin was the brother of Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

#trivia  The word "tycoon" is based on taikun, a title used by Japanese Shoguns.

#trivia  Several states took extreme measures to turn consumers away from margarine; they required the product to be dyed pink.

#trivia  At more than 3.3 million square miles, the Sahara Desert is as large as the world's next 20 largest hot deserts combined.

#trivia  It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word is spear.

#trivia  The office cubicle was invented by Robert Probst in 1968. His original design was called the Action Office System and provided “a social kind of privacy” for the worker.


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21 Zoo Animals Sharing A Special Moment With Their Visitors

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 Many people who visit the zoo only get to see their favorite animals from a distance, but a lucky few are able to get up close and personal (maybe even a little too personal sometimes) with nature's coolest creatures.


Trivia Chest 15

#trivia  Underneath the striped fur of a tiger is striped skin (which preserves the camouflage effect).

#trivia  The phrase "Mr. Mojo Risin'," repeated by Jim Morrison in the Doors' song "L.A. Woman," is an anagram of the vocalist's name.

#trivia  Al Capone's WWI draft card stated his occupation as "paper cutter."

#trivia  Three Men and a Baby was directed by Leonard Nimoy.

#trivia  When the elder George Bush was elected president in 1988, he was the first sitting Vice President to be elected President since Martin Van Buren in 1836.

#trivia  There are molecules called Sonic hedgehog and Robotnikinin, both named after the popular Sega characters.

#trivia  Refrigerator odors are caused by very strong acids (sour milk, for example) and some from bases (spoiled meat). Sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, regulates pH levels. It makes an acid not too acidic, and a base not too alkaline.

#trivia  Although most people associate sword swallowing with circus folk, the practice originated about 4,000 years ago in India, where deeply religious Hindus used the ceremony to demonstrate their faith.

#trivia  Swearing to tell "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" dates back to English Common Law. Interestingly enough, there were no penalties for perjury until the 1600s; prior to that time, it was believed that the fear of God’s wrath was enough to keep witnesses honest.

#trivia  Lake Nicaragua is the only spot on Earth where freshwater sharks swim in their native habitat.

#trivia  Tom Selleck was tapped to play Indiana Jones, but due to a contracted commitment to Magnum PI, he decided to do the honorable thing and keep the agreement. Ironically, an ensuing writers strike delayed production long enough that he could have acted in Indiana Jones.

#trivia  Bluetooth, the wireless communication standard, was named after Harald Bluetooth, a tenth century king who encouraged communication and unity among warring Norse and Danish tribes.

#trivia  TASER is an acronym for Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle.

#trivia  After losing the White House, John Quincy Adams was elected to Congress in 1830. He served until his death in 1848.

#trivia  In 1941, the U.S. government banned silk stockings. Why? Japan cut off America’s silk supply during World War II, and the government decided that producing silk parachutes for American pilots took precedence over women’s fashion needs.

#trivia  The White House was originally called the President's Palace. Theodore Roosevelt gave the White House its current name in 1901.

#trivia  King Louis XIV was so afraid of weapons that he ruled all pointed knives at dinner tables illegal.

#trivia  Snakes are one of those animals you never really expect to see airborne, but Singapore’s Paradise Tree Snake can do just that, flying (or, rather, falling gracefully) from tree to tree. By sucking in its belly and making a U-shape with the length of its body, the tree snake can create its own parachute, allowing it to soar 100 yards or more. Sadly, the snakes aren’t blessed with corresponding landing gear and tend to crash clumsily.

#trivia  Exocannibals eat outsiders as a means of intimidation. Endocannibals eat members of their own kinship groups.

#trivia  In 1991 Wayne Allwine, the voice of Mickey Mouse, married Russi Taylor—the voice of Minnie.

#trivia  One of Prince Charles's Secret Service code names was "Unicorn."

#trivia  Reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes put his engineering skills to work in 1941 when he cast Jane Russell as the lead in his film The Outlaw. He designed a special half-cup, underwire, and cantilevered brassiere to highlight her…talent.

#trivia  A shrimp can swim backwards.

#trivia  When asked where he keeps his Oscars, Pixar's John Lasseter said, "We discovered that Barbie clothes actually fit pretty well."