Trivia Chest 12

#trivia  The first recorded use of flying the flag at half-mast as a symbol of mourning occurred in 1612 aboard the British ships Patience and Heart’s Ease after their captain was killed in the Northwest Passage.

#trivia  Trees do not grow higher than 130m as it is physically impossible for the water to rise higher.

#trivia  Plastic-bodied cars aren't exactly new; the Ford Motor Company made their first one back in 1941.

#trivia  The string attached to boxes of animal crackers was originally placed there so that the container could be hung from the branches of a Christmas tree.

#trivia  Amerigo Vespucci, for whom many historians believe America was named, was an Italian pickle merchant.

#trivia  Braces go all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact, archeologists have found several mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around their teeth.

#trivia  When Burger King decided to sell fast-food Down Under, they found that there was already a local carry-out restaurant called “Burger King.” As a result, if you’re looking for a Whopper in Australia today, you’ll have to go to a chain called “Hungry Jack’s.”

#trivia  The Taj Mahal was orignally called the Rauza-I Munavvara which means "Tomb of Light."

#trivia Theodore Roosevelt was once shot at during a campaign rally in Wisconsin. The bullet penetrated his glasses case and a manuscript, just missing his right lung. Being an expert hunter he decided to stay and give his speech since he wasn't coughing up blood. His speech lasted nearly an hour.

#trivia The Earth's North and South Poles flip polarity on a semi-frequent basis, having done so more then 20 times in the past 5 million years. That means that with the next flip, all compasses will be pointing South rather then North.

#trivia  A researcher at California State University calculated that non-fiction writers live an average of 68 years, several years longer than their cohorts who write poems, plays, and fiction works.

#trivia  The flashlight fish projects light that’s created by luminescent bacteria that live in the pockets below its eyes.

#trivia  Despite your mother's dire warnings, chewing gum doesn't stay in your stomach for years if you swallow it. It gets digested and disposed of just as quickly as anything else you consume.

#trivia  In 1981, Deborah Ann Fountain (Miss New York) became the first Miss America pageant participant disqualified for "illegal use of padding" during the swimsuit competition.

#trivia  During WWII, Tootsie Rolls were added to soldiers' rations thanks to their durability in all weather conditions.

#trivia  The U.S. hockey team did not defeat the USSR in the gold medal game of the 1980 Olympics. The so-called "Miracle on Ice" was actually a semi-final game, and the Americans had to go on to play Finland for the gold.

#trivia  The first private detective agency was established in 1833 by Eugene Francois Vidocq, a former fugitive. He used his extensive knowledge of the Parisian underworld to become a master criminologist. Vidocq was a pioneer in the use of surveillance and disguise, ballistics, card-index record keeping, and was the first to use plaster-of-paris to take impressions of shoe prints.

#trivia  It is most improper to refer to a service member as having "won" the Medal of Honor or similar military commendation. It is not a contest or competition; there is no winner. One should refer to the service member as being awarded, or simply receiving, the commendation.

#trivia  It's natural to think that the world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela, got its name from its sheer majesty. Actually, it was "discovered" in 1935 by aviator James Angel.

#trivia  In 1759, St. James's Gate Brewery (where they brew Guinness) was leased for to Arthur Guinness for 9,000 years for 45 pounds per year.

#trivia  At age 35, Harrison Ford was fitting a door for Francis Ford Coppola when a studio executive asked the handyman to take a break and read lines with actresses who were testing for a new film. The film was Star Wars.

#trivia  Australia was actually given its name before it was even discovered by Europeans. Rumors of Terra Australis ("land to the south") persisted for centuries until the Dutch confirmed its existence in 1616.

#trivia  The tallest known mountain in the solar system is on one of the smallest planets: Mars' Olympus Mons, which stands an incredible 15 miles tall.

#trivia  The Golden Hamster is native to Syria. In fact, all hamsters in captivity today can trace their roots back to the original litter discovered in 1930 by archaeologist Aaron Abrahams.

#trivia  Antarctica gets very little snow, so why is there snow on the ground? Because the snow that does fall on the continent never melts.

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