Trivia Chest 11

#trivia  Johnny Carson's first guest when he took over The Tonight Show was legendary film comic Groucho Marx.

#trivia  Too young to join the U.S. military during World War I, a sixteen-year-old Walt Disney went to Canada in an unsuccessful attempt to enlist in the military there.

#trivia  The first cow to ride in an airplane was Elm Farm Ollie in 1930. Milk she gave in-flight was sealed in containers and parachuted down over St. Louis.

#trivia  Since 1932, only Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush have failed in their bids for re-election to a second presidential term.

#trivia  Frank Sinatra was frustrated with his record company in 1960, so he formed his own label, Reprise Records. Many of his buddies (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.) released records on Reprise, which is why they often referred to Frank as the Chairman of the Board.

#trivia  Henri Breault, a pediatrician from Windsor, Ontario, invented the child-resistant medicine cap in 1967.

#trivia  French maids never wore mini-skirts, stiletto heels, and fishnet stockings; that image originated in the U.S. on the vaudeville stage.

#trivia  Before the invention of nylon bristles in the late 1930's, tooth brushes actually enabled decay and disease. Up until that time, the bristles where made from hog hair; the hollow shafts of the hair tended to retain bacteria.

#trivia  Only about one-fifth of the world's largest desert, the Sahara, is covered with sand; the remainder is made up of rock formations.

#trivia  Omar Knedlik of Coffeyville, Kansas, invented the Icee (also called a Slurpee, Slush, or Mr. Misty) in the late 1950s. The first flavor he offered was root beer.

#trivia  The amazingly popular drink Guinness is not black. It is actually a very dark shade of ruby.

#trivia  The most popular song played by ice cream trucks in America is "Turkey in the Straw," while British ice cream trucks tend to blare "Greensleeves."

#trivia  The phrase "slipping a Mickey" likely originated with Mickey Finn, a Chicago saloon owner known for drugging and robbing customers.

#trivia  About half the geysers on Earth are located in Yellowstone National Park.

#trivia  The hyoid bone is the only bone in the human body not connected to another bone.

#trivia  The Wright Brothers’ first successful flight on December 17, 1903 covered a distance of about 120 feet—shorter than the wingspan of a modern 747.

#trivia  Colonel Sanders’ finger-lickin’ formula is locked away in a bank vault in Louisville, KY. In fact, the KFC people are so serious about keeping the ingredients under wraps that two separate companies are used to blend the spices, so neither possesses the complete recipe.

#trivia  To the Kikuyu tribe of central Kenya, the number 10 is considered bad luck. In fact, “10” is so feared that no one speaks it aloud; they just skip that number when counting anything—especially people, since it’s thought to be particularly bad luck to count humans.

#trivia  After going into heat, an un-spayed female ferret can actually die if she does not mate. She will remain in heat until she mates, and if she does not, the excess estrogen will cause anemia and eventual death.

#trivia  Ringtones of popular songs are now added to the equation of chart position on the Billboard music charts.

#trivia  Historians believe that cigars have been a fixture in the Caribbean since 900. Proof comes from an ancient Guatemalan jug that shows a Mayan kicking back with a stogie.

#trivia  The longest continuous sidewalk in the world is along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.

#trivia  On the 2011 Czech Republic census, over 15,000 people listed their religion as "Jedi."

#trivia  Kiribati is the only country that falls in all four hemispheres.

#trivia  Enacted in 1953, an Ohio law states that no person shall be arrested on the Fourth of July nor on a Sunday while going to or from a designated place of worship.

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