Trivia Chest 7

#trivia  The "@" sign was very close to being eliminated from the standard keyboard until 1971, when Ray Tomlinson wrote it into the code used to send the first email.

#trivia  "http://" (in web URLs) stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol."

#trivia  Henry Ford was a proponent of hiring the handicapped. In 1919, more than 20% of his workforce had some form of disability.

#trivia  Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorak, and Mahler all died before completing a tenth symphony.

#trivia  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in April 1976. He stopped by a local record store earlier that day and only one person recognized him.

#trivia  In 1916, an elephant named Mary was executed by hanging in Erwin, Tennessee, for killing its circus trainer. The prosecutors agreed upon hanging after they exhausted the possibilities of firing squad, electrocution, and dismemberment by train engines.

#trivia  The creator of the iPod first shopped his idea (without success) to Philips and RealNetworks before Apple agreed to market the device.

#trivia  Obsessive nose picking is called rhinotillexomania.

#trivia  The sailfish (the fastest swimming fish, clocked at 68 mph) is faster than the cheetah (the fastest land animal, clocked at 62 mph).

#trivia  BVD stands for the last names of the underwear company's three founders: Bradley, Voorhees, and Day.

#trivia  In 1996, Wylie Gustafson received a one-time flat fee of $590 for his famous "Yahoo!" yodel heard on TV commercials. In 2002, he sued and settled for an undisclosed amount.

#trivia  Though dragonflies possess 6 legs like any other insect, they cannot walk.

#trivia  The 1900 Olympics featured a live pigeon shooting event. The winner bagged 21 pigeons.

#trivia  Most supermarkets place their bakery areas near the entrance because studies have shown that the aroma of fresh-baked goods makes customers spend more money.

#trivia  The first movie star to appear on television was Felix The Cat. The first broadcast image, made during testing, was a Felix statue rotating on a turntable.

#trivia  Phi Beta Kappa, one of America’s most respectable college honor societies, actually began as an underground order dead-set on sticking it to The Man. Founded in 1776, the group provided an outlet for freedom of speech when governments and universities weren’t keen on respecting that right.

#trivia  Holograms are images made using lasers. That said, if you make a hologram of a magnifying glass, the resulting image would also function as a magnifying glass.

#trivia  Before Duncan Hines helped create the food label bearing his name, he wrote popular food and lodging guides.

#trivia  The first seedless grapes were kind of an accident. Thousands of years ago in the Middle East, a random genetic mutation caused a group of grapes to spontaneously abort their own seeds before the seeds could develop hard casings. The result: seedless produce. To reproduce the fruit, a sly farmer simply cloned the vine (with no seeds, there’s nothing to plant)—meaning that all seedless grapes today are direct descendants of that one mutated grape vine.

#trivia  Oregon is the only state to have a different design on each side of its flag.

#trivia  Prior to the 1800s, people tried to clean their teeth using eggshells and abrasives. Not until 1824 did an American dentist named Peabody come up with the idea to add soap to tooth powder, thus giving it a cleansing agent.

#trivia  In 1997, Mikhail Gorbachev appeared in a Pizza Hut commercial.

#trivia  Mushroom clouds can be created by any huge explosion; they aren't specific to atomic blasts.

#trivia  The “No animals were harmed…” disclaimer listed in film credits by the American Human Association doesn’t just cover cute and cuddly animals; they also have strict rules regarding snakes, rats and insects.

#trivia  Lions, tigers, and pumas rarely suffer from hairballs since their diet includes a fair amount of grass, as well as the bones of their prey. The combination helps thoroughly cleanse their digestive tracts.

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