Trivia Chest 6

#trivia Peridots are the only gems that have been found in meteorites.

#trivia Before Pixar settled on Toy Story, other names suggested include Made in Taiwan, Moving Buddies, and Toyz in the Hood.

#trivia Dimples may be cute, but they are an inherited genetic flaw. They are caused by a fibrous band of tissue that connects the skin to an underlying bone.

#trivia  World Famous Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is made in only one place: the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, population 361. Though the town supplies the world with the famous libation, not a drop may be purchased for consumption anywhere in town. Moore County is a "dry" county, meaning that the sale and consumption of alcohol is illegal.

#trivia  Medieval Japanese samurai burned incense in their helmets so that if they were decapitated in battle, their head would smell sweet.

#trivia  The word “pie” can be traced to the 13th century, but in the old days, the dessert was more commonly known as a “coffin" or "coffyn.” In fact, “coffin” was used in this context for 300 years before it was applied to a burial casket.

#trivia  The very first TV commercial was for Bulova watches in 1941, and it aired in the middle of a pro baseball game between the Dodgers and Phillies. The spot cost nine dollars.

#trivia In a fit of uncharacteristic decisiveness, President James Buchanan tried to buy Cuba. However, his plans ground to a halt when Congress refused to give him the dough to purchase the island, believing that the president would take the money and skip the country.

#trivia After Doyle killed off the popular Sherlock Holmes in the mid 1890's, over 20,000 readers of The Strand (the magazine the stories were published in) cancelled their subscriptions. Later, a reluctant Doyle brought the character back to life for a series of further adventures.

#trivia  Washington State was supposed to be named "Columbia" but the idea was scrapped because it was thought it would be too easily confused with "Columbia City" (today commonly referred to as Washington, D.C.).

#trivia For his birthday in 1947, Harry Truman's friends had a bowling alley installed in the White House. Truman said he hadn't bowled since he was 19.

#trivia  Goosebumps are actually caused by a muscle. It is called the arrector pili muscle.

#trivia  When three-letter airport codes became standard in the mid-1930s, airports that had been using a two-letter identifier simply added an X to their code, which is why Los Angeles International Airport is known as LAX.

#trivia  In order to better survive the cold, polar bears have evolved to have black skin, thick blubber, and hollow, translucent hairs that trap heat. Polar bears are so well-insulated that they are almost invisible under infra-red light.

#trivia  Japanese golfers take out insurance policies against scoring an ace while golfing, since a player "lucky" enough to get a hole-in-one is obligated to buy gifts for all his friends.

#trivia  If your doctor is going to perform an auscultation on you, don't worry; he or she will just be using his stethoscope.

#trivia  Only two people remain who are fluent in Ayapaneco—but they refuse to talk to each other.

#trivia  Despite its 6.5 million square feet of floor space, the Pentagon in Washington was constructed in such a way that no point in the building is more than a seven minute walk from any other point in the building.

#trivia  The “mystery flavor” Dum-Dum Pop is truly random. The Spangler Candy Company combines the last of their flavorings at the end of a production run to turn out lollipops of mixed (and mysterious) flavors.

#trivia  Alfred Hitchcock was notoriously hard on actors. He was once quoted as saying, “Actors are cattle”—a quip that stirred up a huge outcry. In response, he issued this correction: “I have been misquoted. What I really said is, ‘Actors should be treated as cattle.’”

#trivia  100,000,000,000 solar neutrinos pass through every square inch of your body every second.

#trivia  The first single issued by singer-songwriter Cat Stevens was titled "I Love My Dog."

#trivia  Bagpipes were not invented in Scotland, but in ancient Persia.

#trivia  President John Quincy Adams kept an alligator in the East Room.

#trivia  Salvador Dali had an older brother who was also named Salvador. He died at a young age before his younger sibling was born.


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