Trivia Chest 4

#trivia  Neil Armstrong’s astronaut application arrived a week past the deadline. A friend slipped his form into the pile before anyone could notice.

#trivia  Due to the “naughty” dancing of the can-can girls and the scantily clad models on 1800s French postcards, the British equated anything risqué with France. In fact, that's how the phrase “pardon my French” entered the vernacular.

#trivia  World War I ended at precisely eleven o'clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918.

#trivia  U.S. paper money is currently produced at two facilities, one in Washington D.C. and another in Fort Worth, Texas.

#trivia  The first Cadillac was a Ford! In 1902, the directors of the failing Henry Ford Company (Mr. Ford's first attempt at a car company) approached Henry M. Leland and asked him to evaluate the company's assets prior to liquidation. Mr. Leland, who had an engine but no car to put it in, talked the Henry Ford Co. officers into installing his engine in their car, and within a few weeks the Henry Ford Company was reorganized as the Cadillac Automobile Company.

#trivia  It is bad luck to whistle in a theater. The superstition dates back to the time when off-duty sailors would run the fly system in theaters, and the sailors would whistle the cues to each other. Therefore, if you were to walk through a theater carelessly whistling a tune, you might cause a scenic piece to fall on your head.

#trivia  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was created by former Wall Street Journal co-founder Charles Dow in 1896. Dow picked 12 important companies from a variety of industries ranging from the U.S. Leather Company to the American Sugar Company. The only company still on the list today is General Electric.

#trivia  About one in every 30 Americans' births results in twins.

#trivia  Thomas Dolby, who had a hit single with She Blinded Me With Science, is no relation to the Dolby Sound Labs folks. In fact, the company legally tried to prevent the musician (real name Thomas Robertson) from using the name.

#trivia  The number 4 is the only number with the same number of letters as the meaning of its name.

#trivia  Fathers were not allowed in the delivery room until Jay and Marjie Hathaway found a doctor that allowed Jay to be present for the birth of their son James in 1965. The couple went on to found the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth.

#trivia  Leatherback sea turtles have fleshy backward-pointing spines in their throats so that jellyfish, their favorite food, can be swallowed more easily.

#trivia  Some cats are allergic to humans.

#trivia  A person from Nigeria is a Nigerian, while a person from Niger is a Nigerien.

#trivia Jeans, thought to be a strictly American product, originated in 18th century Italy where Genoan sailors wore snappy outfits made from denim.

#trivia There's a rumor that Twinkies have a shelf life of 20-plus years. The truth of the matter, however, is that it’s closer to 25 days. The plastic-wrapped desserts contain the same apocalypse-vulnerable preservatives you’d find in most commercially baked breads.

#trivia Horses and donkeys are of different species. In order to get what we call a "mule," a horse and donkey must mate and produce offspring. Any offspring between two different species will be sterile and unable to reproduce.

#trivia The timing, size, and stream of bubbles in a glass of champagne are influenced by dirt and "gas pockets" on the side of the glass.

#trivia In the 1940s, Pepsi adopted a red, white, and blue logo to support America’s war effort.

#trivia Before returning to the silver screen in Gangs of New York, Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis was working as a cobbler in Florence, Italy.

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