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#trivia  The 2 billion-year-old Star of India, which at 563.35 carats is the largest star sapphire in the world, is actually from Sri Lanka.

#trivia  Jim Henson said he made the first Kermit out of his mom's old coat. He used Ping-Pong balls for eyes.

#trivia  The British comedy show Monty Python's Flying Circus had a decidedly American theme song, John Philip Sousa's "Liberty Bell March."

#trivia  Sixty miles per hour is the maximum speed limit throughout Hawaii. It's the only U.S. state with a statewide limit under 65.

#trivia  At 6000 degrees Kelvin, the surface of the Sun is actually one of its coolest spots. Both the Sun's interior and its corona measure in the millions of degrees Kelvin.

#trivia  The Duckbill Platypus is one of the few mammals to produce venom. Both males and females have a pair of spurs on their hind limbs. The male’s pair of spurs delivers a cocktail of poisons that, while excruciatingly painful, is not lethal to most animals.

#trivia  In 1973, Mao Zedong told Henry Kissinger that China had an excess of females and offered the United States 10 million Chinese women.

#trivia  The "K" in Kmart stands for Kresge, as in the chain's founder, Sebastian S. Kresge.

#trivia  For Halloween in 1988, then-Presidential candidate (and VP) George H.W. Bush dressed as himself! He wore a Bush mask and everything.

#trivia  Creedence Clearwater Revival has had seven songs hit #2 on the pop singles chart but has never scored a number one hit.

#trivia  One way lima beans defend themselves is by emitting a chemical warning system against spider mites (which eat lima beans) that attracts predators of spider mites.

#trivia  The North Pole is not considered a continent like the South Pole because the ice of the North Pole floats on the ocean, while the ice of the South Pole sits on actual ground – the continent of Antarctica.

#trivia  Between 1878 and 1890 of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, three dozen lives were lost. And it all stemmed from a dispute over the ownership of a pig.

#trivia  Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1938.

#trivia  You can actually get nicotine poisoning from absorbing the chemical through your skin (from wet tobacco leaves). The phenomenon is called Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS).

#trivia Casu marzu means "rotten cheese" in Sardinian and is commonly known as "maggot cheese" because it actually contains live maggots. The cheese is only okay to eat if the maggots are still alive. A comforting thought, right?

#trivia In 1970, the Oregon Department of Transportation used a half ton of dynamite to blow up a sperm whale carcass. The blast showered the beach with rotten blubber, and one piece of debris crushed a car.

#trivia About 39,000 gallons of water are used to produce the average car.

#trivia  The first person to successfully go over Niagara Falls in a barrel was 63 year old Annie Taylor, a former school teacher who needed money. She died destitute about 20 years later.

#trivia  Dr. John Dee, a 16th century predecessor to James Bond, supposedly used the code 007 to send messages to Queen Elizabeth. The two zeros meant “for your eyes only.”

37 Funny and Weird Animal Mashups

source: DashBurst

Bear shark



Butter ray






Elephant fish

Elephant fly

Fish hopper

French bull seal





Gull dog


Killer penguin





Pug hawk




Rhino clownfish

Sea parrot



Tiger rabbit

Tiger squirrel