Let Me Manage And Grow Your Twitter Account

As you may know, by profession I'm a language teacher. However, over the years, spending the time in between my classes growing my own Twitter account (now with more than 371k followers) I turned into an expert all things Twitter related.

I'm not only very much aware of the Twitter TOS, but also of the many unwritten rules that should be followed when growing your account and engaging with your followers. I understand that your final objective is to leave a positive and lasting impression.

But, and this is crucial, Twitter is in the end a numbers game. You can follow all the rules of the world and provide information, insight and practical tips related to whatever niche you're in - it's of no (or at least, of very little) avail if nobody is reading your updates.

In other words, if you want to grow your influence, then you need more followers.

And I can, organically and manually, increase your Twitter followers.

Those followers will be real people, or real companies with real people behind them. In other words, the followers I'll invite to your account will actually be reading your tweets. They are people who tweet regularly themselves and are otherwise active on Twitter.

However, in order to guarantee that those followers are genuine users, I need time - approximately 4 to 6 months to get you 10,000 new followers.

I offer packages that start with U$500.00. I would need full access to your account, which means I would post updates for you as well.  

For more information, please drop me a mail at xalapa88@gmail.com with your Twitter username (like this  @yourtwitter ). Tell me what your objectives are, and I'll be in touch with you with an offer. 
Update 01-August-2014
I've begun to manage whole social media campaigns across a variety of networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for a couple of clients. Let me know if you are interested. 


  1. Georg was great - fast, efficient and professional. I highly recommend his services!

  2. From September to November I increased my followers by 129 to the huge total of 515. I was pleased with that.

    Then I met Georg via Twitter. It's unbelievable! In a few days I have almost 2K followers. They're interesting and aligned with my professional niche of psychotherapy and my personal niche of fascination with the world. Fabulous tweets going out. His approach provides a template I can use later but it also renews and supports my faith in human nature. He delivers, beyond his claims. I'll re-hire Georg with gratitude for his strategic, efficient and amazing work on my behalf. Thank you.

  3. In the short time I worked with Georg he delivered exactly what he said he would - quality, genuine followers, and he over-delivered in terms of number agreed and very kindly kept posting updates for a few days after he had already achieved our agreed target. I will be working with Georg again - I think he's a very valuable asset to your social media team - especially if you are big on ambition but short on time! Thank you for all your help.

  4. Georg was AWESOME to say the least! He is a genuine business professional. He gave me exactly what I paid for in a shorter time expected and with a great quality. My followers are real folks with real accounts! I am so grateful I found this man! There are too many spammers out there and Georg is a real person that gives you REAL results no bullshit, no fakes, no false expectations. You get what you pay for and more! I would recommend Georg to anyone who is serious about expanding their Twitter empire and taking their business to the next level.
    With that said, I cannot wait to turn to his services once again soon!!!

  5. I have used Georg's services for just over a month. He has grown my twitter following from 600 to over 2,900 to promote my art work at christopherlangley.net in just under three weeks! Great service. Recommended

  6. Georg was great - fast, efficient and professional. I highly recommend his services!

  7. I have had nothing but good experiences working with Georg. He is flexible but professional. He always takes his time with me to make sure I understand our next plan of action. Don't hesitate to work with him - you won't regret it!