Beautiful Photographs of Abandoned Places

source: Dashburst

Abandoned Car in Desert, Australia

Abandoned Castle Remains

Abandoned Church

Abandoned Church in Snow

Abandoned Cottage, Norway

Abandoned Crystal Mine

Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl

Abandoned Home Surrounded by Wheat Fields in Oregon

Abandoned Hospital

Abandoned Hotel

The Last Lighthouse, Alcatraz

Abandoned Mall

Abandoned Walkway

Abandoned Palace, Poland

Abandoned Piano, Pripyat

Abandoned Rail Bridge, Taipingshan National Forrest in Taiwan

Abandoned Railroad

Abandoned Roller Coaster by Chris Luckhardt

Ta Prohm Temple. Angkor, Cambodia

Ivy Covered Train Tracks, Japan

Mossy Spiral Staircase


  1. Oh My God, how incredible! I want to know the stories behind every single photo! Thanks so much for sharing! How are you?

  2. These are so beautiful - I have to share them.

  3. Yes. Wow. Very, very nice collection. I am going back to catalog these.

  4. How could anyone abandon the cottage in Norway! Incredible beauty in every image. I love them. Thank you.