Facts about North Korea

I try to stay out of controversy on my blog. But I do hate tyranny. 
One of the most oppressed people are those of North Korea. A couple of facts.

 source: 3steg

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  1. You have some great photos I have not seen before! Women wearing slacks for ex....they always seem to wear skirts in the videos I've seen. It's such a beautiful country, and while thew people are taught that the U.S. is the great satan that wants to destroy them, once videographers meet them, the people are so sweet, are without cynicism, and have an innocence and lack of pretension that is very rare in any other country. They are also so small, and no one is fat from the lack of fast food, junk food, and too often, the lack of any food at all. Which must be all the more painful after smoking all the pot! (I'd never heard that before!) It's a real experiment happening there, a culture with so few contacts with the outside world. Fascinating but very sad. Thanks for posting.