Pet Giraffe


“It was three meters in height and behaved like a little puppy” – in those days the family from South Africa recalls how they lived in the house with baby giraffe, which they gave the nickname of Finney (Fenne). A female responded to this name and loved to wear hats. 

Two years giraffe Finney lived on a ranch McRae, along with the owner of a small park Colin McRae and his wife Teona and their four children. Unfortunately, one day she ate poisonous grass in a pasture near the house and died. But people love to look at pictures and remember with tears, as Finney carefully walked around the house watching not to slip on the tile floor and bent down in front of doorways. 

It was a real member of their family. She was very fond of human society, and could find them, feeling even tens of meters, where they are located. She loved to play with the dogs and horses.   

McRae owned a ranch and a small wildlife park of De Tweede Spruit , which offer tourists the safaris show and horseback riding. Four years ago, the eldest son of Theon’s 19-year-old Craig found in the bushes of the park newborn giraffe, which for some reason mother rejected soon after birth. The cub was all plastered with insects and could barely lift his head. Craig immediately rushed to his aid and called for help. 

Giraffe were brought into the house and began to nurse, feeding a mixture of cow’s milk with raw eggs through a bottle. Finney grew slowly and behave more confidently. 

However, she behaved wonderfully delicate, always trying to duck her head and to navigate through the house. Living in a house with a giraffe brought its surprises.Curious Finney climbed to the bathroom where one visitor was taking a shower and looked inside. The woman was very shocked by the spectacle.

But life with Finney was full of magical moments. She was very gentle, very sensual and affectionate. And of course heavy and sometimes awkward, like all young animals. 

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