Like Going to the Grocery Store

It was New-Years-Eve, 17:30h my time. I live in the south-east of Mexico and am on CST.  I was in the middle of a German class (via Skype) with a gentleman from the US. He lives somewhere on the east coast, but at that time he was vacationing in Key West, Florida. So he was on EST, and it was 18:30h for him.

We were happily conjugating verbs when my mother shows up - on Skype. She's obviously a German lady, living in the vicinity of Cologne,Germany  That makes it GMT - 1h. So for her the New Year had already began 30 minutes previously.

She had left her house to watch the fireworks, but it was too cold for her, so she came back in and 'caught' me on Skype.

It was a nice surprise. I asked my student (in Florida) whether he'd like to meet my mother. Sure thing, within minutes the three of us were chatting away.....

After my mother had 'hung up' Lenny and I were just reminiscing. We are about the same age, in our fifties, and we had watched in our childhoods "The Jetsons ", never thinking for a second that we would be living grand part of that cartoon in our lifetimes.

After class I got a phone call from some relatives wishing me the best for the new year. I talked to a (very) young lady, and I told her about this incredible incident on Skype.

I just might have told her that I had been to the grocery store. She's a polite lady, and didn't interrupt me, but her lack of enthusiasm was palpable. Like I told her:"You not gonna believe this, I just left my house, yes! I crossed the street, turned left, walked two blocks and there I found the grocery store! I'm back now, but this was incredible!"

Get the drift?

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