10 Reasons Cats Are Taking Over the World


 1. They are annexing our territory



2. They are trained assassins


3. They show no mercy


 4. They will frame you


 5. They have mastered the element of surprise


6. They know the best hiding spots


7. Their battle techniques are evolving


 8. Their technology is evolving


9. Everything is afraid of them


10. They don’t need a reason to be jerks



  1. And why not George? They are intelligent, cunning killers who sit nonchalantly purring away on our knees. Gently headbutting us when they want to be stroked."Asking" for food when they are hungry.

  2. Smart (and evolving smarter) creatures. Very human in a good way. Mine talks to me all the time in various ways. They can also suck up to you like dogs if you like that kind of thing.