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I'm a competent freelance language teacher. I have been giving German and English classes in one form or another for the past 25 years, here in Mexico and online. My mother language is German, but having lived in England for several years and 25 years in Mexico, I speak English and Spanish almost to perfection. (For more info on my life, please check this post: Living and Working Abroad )

I can help you in your efforts to learn a foreign language. Let me outline here how:

German Classes
Those I would give personally to you, online and over Skype. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or whether you have some previous knowledge. All my classes are designed with you, and only you in mind, and they are highly personalized.

Spanish Classes
Living in Mexico I have little experience teaching Spanish at a beginner's level. However, if you have a working knowledge and want to 'brush up' on your Spanish I can most certainly help you with conversation classes. We would do that using Skype as well.

For learning Spanish at a beginner's level, I highly recommend you work with this interactive Spanish training course. 

Once you're halfway fluent, you and I can work on improving your Spanish directly and over Skype.

To set set up an initial interview via Skype, please get in touch with me at xalapa88@gmail.com 


  1. My name is Carlos Alberto Franceschy Rodriguez (ca_spider@hotmail.com) and I can confirm Georg Grey's skills as teacher. He really helped me understand German back when I was in High School, and he's a great teacher, and an even greater human being

  2. Professor Georg prepared me months before I went abroad for one semester to Germany, I arrived without having any knowledge of the language and after three months of taking classes I felt prepared to survive over there, mostly because he not only taught me verbs and grammatical rules but also things that would be useful in my everyday life.
    I noticed that the classes were personalized, based on my strengths and weaknesses.We would never start a new topic until I demonstrated I dominated the previous one.
    I highly recommend taking classes with Professor Georg, he is a prepared man, with an innovative teaching method and always concerned about its student learning.

  3. For those who learn a foreign language, it is said that it is like being independent from one's mother, with professor Grey one learns not just english or german, one learns how to learn a language, which is totally different, I do recommend the courses of Georg, due to his help I got 563 pts. in the TOEFL three years ago and also a very good score in the Test DaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache = Test of german as a foreign language) in 2009. Good luck to everyone who thinks about taking english or german lessons with Georg!

  4. Excellent opportunity to learn the beutiful German language. Georg help me to rescue my rusty German after almost 20 years!

    He's a pacient, constant and very flexible teacher that understands student's needs.

    Congratulations to all who take advantage of this chance!

  5. After almost 4 yeras of not formally learning German, I decided to take lessons with Herr Grey. I have the feeling I improved after not having practiced for a long time. Specifically, I would like to highlight that, given my professional background, my course focused on topics such as Politics, Economics and Finance and I was able to learn new vocabulary and how to use it properly - José B. Hernández (Mexico)

  6. Mr. Georg is the kind of professor who is always concerned about the way his students improve their learning skills, moreover, he understands that each student is different. Don't hesitate to contact him, for this will be a learning experience you won't forget!

  7. I am currently taking German lessons with Georg Grey. He is an excellent teacher. Georg prepares extensively for our sessions, and adjusts them according to my needs. I have only been studying for a few weeks, and I am already able to communicate simple concepts in German. I highly recommend Georg to anyone seriously considering learning German.

  8. I love my English lessons with Georg, he is an extraordinary teacher!

  9. Interesting journey you've had Georg, I'm going to forward your blog to my son, who is about to take his first steps through the Global Village....


  10. Mr Georg Grey has been and keeps being a great teacher for me, not only because of his capacity as a teacher but also his capacity to manage technology and, thus, being able to take the language learning into a most comprehensible, direct and personalized experience. Using skype has given me the chance to continue with my German language studies and gives me the support and hope to fullfil my dream of travelling to Germany. I HIGHLY recomend anyone to give it a shot and let Mr Grey introduce you to a fascinating language, the courses include, audiovisual material that will allow you to really understand and achieve your goals on German language.

  11. I studied German intensively for 2 years, right after college. That is many years ago now, but I remember being so moved by reading Der Tod in Venedig in the original language, so beautiful, descriptive, and precise. I occasionally recite poems from Heine's Dichterliebe to friends as an example of how beautiful German can sound. I have always been eager to pick it up again. How do I find your pricing?

  12. Let's talk over Skype, Teresa, you find me at georg.grey1