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Guest Post by  Anker Frankoni @ankerfrankoni

During the past year I have been working diligently on my story, "Mexican Eskimo" and now discover myself standing at a crossroads with my work. I have begun soliciting input from various sources in order to avoid making the wrong decision regarding my next move at this stage by basing my hunch only on the vacuum of assumptions or guesses within my mind. I’d like to say “Thank You” to my friend Georg Grey for kindly offering this space to help break the seal on that vacuum.

The crossroads issue I am attempting to solve concerns my publishing plan, and comes down to this question: will adult readers buy a trilogy? Initially I set out to write a single book, but now when I read what I've produced so far, my gut tells me that the finished material I have right now can be a successful stand-alone book, designed for 'cliffhanger' effect upon which to springboard the release of two more books of roughly 300-400 pages each. On the other hand, if I carry on and tell the whole story through to the end, I'll wind up with a single novel of more than 600 pages.

The concept I'm forced to grapple with then is this: will people buy a book that long from a new author for $22 - $28? Would it not be better to release three books four to six months out from each other, priced from $12 - $18 each, and get readers on board with a shorter, less 'risky' read, as far as the commitment to so many pages goes?

If you are a buyer of books, an artist, philosophical liberal, free thinker, fellow writer, or fan of realistic fantasy (or fantastic realities), and you have the time and inclination to read and comment on approx. 275 pages of material during the next ten days, I would like to invite you to be one of my advance readers of the story that is “Mexican Eskimo” so far.

“Mexican Eskimo” is for mature adult readers. It’s a tale of two lives, separated by the one I am currently occupying, and at its core is a love story about finding trust and hope amidst generations of anger and neglect, suicide and substance abuse.

A faithful documentation of a most unlikely existence, “Mexican Eskimo” is an intricate layer-cake of actual and imagined pieces of dimly remembered facts, generously frosted with sweet, sticky gobs of my gospel-truth fantasies. If you want to learn more about your own life by having a peek into mine, I promise that you won't be disappointed by taking my words out for a spin.

If you read the short introduction I published on Amazon last year, please know that the material I have to offer now is worth a fresh read from start to finish: I have worked with a professional editor to polish the introduction and refine chapters one and two for better flow and more manageable sentence structure. I have also added close to ten pages to chapter two. Brand new chapters three and four push the limits of what you may have read so far, and are guaranteed to either turn your stomach, or blow your mind.
If you would like to participate in this readers’ focus-group, please e-mail Anker@MexicanEskimo.com to receive a copy of the ePUB file and review questions. There is no cost to participate, and any reader generous enough to share their time and opinions will receive a free, signed copy of the first printed edition of “Mexican Eskimo” mailed to you at no charge. Please reply with your interest right away, as I will limit this round of focus-group readers to the first 25 respondents.

Anker Frankoni
Twitter: @ankerfrankoni


  1. I would be honored to be a part of your focus group. Cheers, michala bitemybook@gmail.com

  2. My initial gut-instinct says - go for the trilogy. We human beings have a limited attention span, and I think you are right when you say it's good to aim for the cliff-hanger. I've noticed that many good writers nearly always do that at the end of each chapter. Good luck!

  3. In my humbled opinion as mother/wife/ woman in her 30's who likes to stretch a dollar as far as it will go. I would suggest going with the trilogy. I know for me and many others when buying a new author's work it's a gamble so we tend to go with the cheaper small book until we are sure of what we are getting! Hope that helps & Good Luck !!!