Cannot find your password reset disk?

How to unlock locked PC (Password protected Computer)

This little hacking tip will help you to regain access to your password protected computer.

(Doesn't work on Win 7 or 8. Admin acct disabled by default, sorry guys....)

* Turn off the PC.

* Turn on the PC

*Press [F8] while the computer is booting (F8 must be pressed within the first 10 sec. of booting process) and then select [Safe Mode]

* Click on the [Administrator] account.

* Select [Start] and click [Run]

* Type " control userpasswords2 " and press [Enter]

* Uncheck [Users must enter a username and password] and restart the computer.

* Your PC will be password free.

This hacking trick is NOT intended to be executed on a password locked computer that you do not have permission from its owner.

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