She Got Her Way!

You have to read the following before you view the photo.........

Written by a local woman

I was getting ready for work when I looked out the window and saw a Hydro crew starting to erect a pole in front of  my house.  They were going to position it directly in front of my picture window.  No way, absolutely no way was I going to  permit this.  I gulped down my last bit of coffee and went    directly to the crew supervisor and told him in no uncertain  terms that I was not going to permit his crew to put that stupid  electrical pole directly in front of my picture window.

        He took out a plat map, a map for pole locations and a right of way document and explained that it is the best location for it. I told him it is not the best location for me and when I came  home from work that day I did not want to find that pole in  front of my window.  I told him. I didn't give a hoot where he  put it but not in front of my window.  I felt pretty smug as I  drove off to work because I felt I got my point across.




  1. Are you kidding? Right in the middle of your driveway?

  2. I think you'd be better speaking to a lumberjack What a horrible eyesore for you to have to deal with!