Stoupa, Greece - 1983

By far the best time of my life were the three years I spent at the beginning of the eighties in southern Greece. This is a shot of the village I lived in.

I was young, I was strong, I was handsome, and I had a lot of girlfriends.

Now I'm only handsome.....


  1. that is pretty funny. Your description of your time in Greece. At least you managed to leave there for a while. I managed to live in South Portugal in the early 80's late 70's for 4 years.

    I am Portuguese and I ended up living in Fort Lauderdale married to a German Bread Haus...

  2. Beautiful photo. I want vist Greece. You made me laugh. Great tidbit...

  3. Bellisima anecdota..me ilusiona conocer Grecia, la juventud esta aun en su corazon.. saludos desde Mexico

  4. this is Soooo Cool!!....the fact that you Remember it All!!!

  5. Ah! What a beautiful place! I wish that I had visited, you yearn for simplicity...peace. What many people don't understand is that you do remember...you, as we all are, still that same person in our minds. Mirrors are the pits. :)