In my opinion

God was sitting on his favorite cloud, looking down on his creation. He was becoming a little restless of late. It wasn't that he was actually bored, but somehow he felt that watching human life had lost some of its entertainment value. Everybody was just happy, living in harmony  with each other, being full of tolerance and compassion, love and understanding. And, of course, there was no growth.

Contemplating the situation he thought of sending Lucifer down, but then decided against it. Instead he called for Opino.

Opino was one of his most creative Angels. He had shown his skills on previous occasions when dealing with humanity, when, for example, he brought the gift of speech. On the downside, however, he was still too human himself and therefore always ready for a prank.

After listening carefully to God's instructions, he immediately went to work. For the next three weeks he could be seen, roaming the earth's skies, in one hand holding a canvas bag full with the seeds of 'I KNOW' , with the other generously distributing those same seeds into the receptive subconscious of sleeping men, women and children.

This is why to this day everybody has opinons. They are always based on analytical thought, proper learning experiences, and careful listening to other people. And they are always singular, individual and meaningful. 

In the meantime God's smile has widened again. He doesn't need MTV after all.     

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