Using 'AutoSaving'

A nasty thing that can happen while you are working on a translation is for your computer to crash. Depending on how much of your work you have saved previously you might lose a good chunk of your translation. Imagine you have been hammering away for the past 90 minutes, and a storm knocks out your power supply - it's extremely frustrating to do the same job over....

In Word there is a setting called 'autosaving' where the document you are working on saves itself every X minutes. You can adjust it by going to Tools>Options>Save Tab> and then select "Save Autorecover Info" every X minutes. I suggest you select 10 minutes. This way, should your computer crash, you lose a maximum of 10 minutes of your work.

You can do it as well manually by pressing "Control S", which works for most programs you might be working with.

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