Use Your Ego to Stay Motivated

Tips, Tricks and Resources to Learn A Foreign Language Faster

If you are well into your language studies you will have noticed obstacles on your way, and as in any other learning process, you have to find ways to overcome them.

You might get stuck at a grammar structure, you just don’t get the pronunciation of some words right, or you might be frustrated about your slower than expected progress.

Let’s talk about ‘ego’ for a couple of seconds here. ‘Ego’ is supposed to be a bad thing, at least according to Gautama Buddha, since it is the cause for all suffering.

Sounds great to me. However, I’m still battling with mine (LOL) , and I guess so are you. Why not use it as a tool for staying motivated?

Imagine yourself at the end of your learning process, speaking whatever language you are learning fluently.

Let’s say you’re learning Italian, and your Sicilian boyfriend drops by for a visit. Your other friends are there, and you are chatting away happily in Italian. How would that make you feel?

You are a mother of two teenagers, the going is rough, and on top of that you committed yourself to that darn Spanish course. You are in a fight with your daughter when your Spanish teacher calls you to ask about your assignment. You are happy about the distraction and chat away happily in Spanish. How would that make you feel?

You see, pull any register to stay motivated, do what it takes, if you persist you WILL speak that language in the end.  


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