Teaching English in Mexico

Living in Mexico

If you are considering migrating to Mexico, or you are planning on a prolonged stay here, then you have probably thought about, or at least heard about, the opportunity of teaching English.

Let me dispel a myth first. You will not be able to live off the money you might be earning as a language teacher, unless you are willing to spend many years of building up a reputation and getting to know the market. I am personally doing it, and I’m doing pretty well. However, I’ve been living here for more than 20 years, where I live (Xalapa) I’m practically a brand, I’ve got my niche nicely carved out. But again, it took me many years.

But don’t be discouraged! You will definitely be able to teach English on a part-time basis for a couple of hours a week, even if you don’t have any previous teaching experience, and then go from there.

See, there are big language schools like Harmon Hall or The Institute that have franchises all over the country, particularly in the bigger cities. And those schools are usually eager to hire Americans.

They have training programs for people without previous teaching experience, so to begin with your only requirement would be to speak English well.

They don’t charge for the training programs, and you don’t get paid for participating in them. But if you stick with them for a couple of weeks, you will probably be offered a position.

That position would most likely entail of you giving one one-hour class per day to begin with. And then go from there. If your students like you and your performance, you will be offered more classes along the way.

However, and that’s where we come full circle, the pay is lousy. You could expect to get paid somewhere between U$ 5.00 and U$ 10.00 per hour of class. Apart from that, you will have to be present at teacher’s meetings and generally participate in other staff activities.

But let me finish by saying that it is well worth a try if you plan to supplement other incomes you might have. 


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