Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Tips, Tricks and Resources to Learn A Foreign Language Faster

SPANISHTOWN.CA have designed a series of crossword puzzles for the English native speaker who is learning Spanish, particularly children. Their main purpose is to build up vocabulary.

They are also very helpful for Spanish teachers in their classrooms.

They are in .pdf format, so you can’t solve those puzzles online. Each puzzle comes with an answer key attached to it. My suggestion would be to print out the puzzle itself, do it, and then go back online to check your results.



  1. That's a great resource. Do you know of any sites that also do the same for other languages, such as German? I find I learn better when my mind is engaged in things like games and fun activities.

  2. I'm working on more entries that include links like the ones you're asking for. Please stay tuned.......