I confess

Living in Mexico

At a very young age I got interested in current events, and ever since then I’ve been reading news papers, listening to the radio, and watching tv news programs on a daily basis – and I continue to do so. By now obviously I access most of the information over the Internet. My favorite by far is BBC World Service, with two German tv stations as a close second and the German magazine Der Spiegel as a runner up.

I ran a business in Mexico-City in the nineties, and in order to connect and network (that was still offline at the time) I had to be informed about what was going on in Mexico.  And I was.

However, over the last ten years I lost interest, at least in Mexican day-to-day politics. Big news I hear over the BBC. That’s how I find out that another stack of 50 dead bodies shows up on a highway near Monterrey, for example.

But I only recently heard from one of my students that the presidential candidate for the National Action Party is a woman. I don’t mind (I was an ardent fan of Margaret Thatcher), I just didn’t know.

Do I know that a war is raging down here – of course I do, read this post. However, when I want to find out about the annual inflation rate, I rather talk to the grocer in my neighborhood.
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