The more you complain the longer God makes you live

Things are different down here in Mexico. 

I arrived here not by design, but because I was hitchhiking in the U.S. And some truck driver dumped me near the Mexican border. I thought, well, check it out. That was in 1989…..

I started to notice that ‘things were different’ when I set up a language school in the heart of Mexico-City. I did it all legally and officially, a lot of red tape, and a huge learning curve. And I was continually complaining, about this, that and the other.

Let me say in my defense that I was ‘only’ thirty at the time, a lad having a ball, having a go at striking it rich.

However, the emotional energy I wasted by complaining about things which I couldn’t change still surprises me.

Nowadays I don’t complain anymore (well, almost never). First of all, I got in a rut, after 22 years I know which way the wind blows.

Secondly, and more importantly, I’m simply too mature by now to complain. The order of the day for me now is to work around the problems I cannot solve – and I got pretty good at that.


  1. It's very interesting that I've connected with you. I want to create an English program in Ghana sometime after I get my English degree, only specifically for writers. I've made a lot of talented friend in Ghana who write poetry and short stories and I want to help them better their English to be more professional. I'm 26 right now so this advice comes at a good time.

  2. Your title caught my eye because my mother in law does nothing but complain. She's turning 87 next month, and healthy as a horse...lol